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New York QuickFacts Sketch

I initially put this Processing sketch together as a neat way of exploring county level indicators for New York State. I’m still tweaking the layout and streamlining the code a bit but I soon hope to post an interactive version for people play around with.

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Choropleth Maps using SAS/Graph

I’m using this post to share materials from the talk “Fast and Easy Maps using SAS Graph” I presented to the members of the Genesee Valley SAS Users Group at their Spring 2009 meeting. This material is also cross-posted in the Presentations section at the Genesee Valley SAS Users Group web site (www.gvsug.org).

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Getting Your SAS Data Set into SAS

This is the second in a series of posts for new users describing methods for getting different kinds of data into the SAS¬Æ system. In this post I’m going to deal exclusively with a few of the many ways available to access SAS data files. If you have questions about another data format or don’t know what kind of file you have please read my introductory post on the topic.

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Getting Your Data into SAS, Part 1

Among the most common questions I get from new SAS¬Æ users is: “How do I get my data into the system for analysis?” To help address this frequent concern and provide a resource for new SAS users, this series of posts discusses some simple ways of accessing your data using the SAS system.

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Car Talk Clinic Dataset

I’ve had several requests for copies of the “Car Talk” clinic dataset I use in some of my demonstrations and in-class examples so I’ve decided to make it available for download.
If you’re familiar with NPR’s program Car Talk you know that Tom and Ray close each week’s episode by reading from a list of funny, phony Car Talk staff names. This has always been one of my favorite parts of the show so, when I found a complete listing on their website, I decided to put the 500+ names and …

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AdamRains.com Redevelopment

Hello All,
Sorry for the temporary outage but, as I am taking a brief break for the holidays, I have decided to make some much needed updates to my website. Things will be moving around quite a bit for the next few days but the revised version will include a wide variety of new functions. Please be patient and check back soon.
All the best, Adam