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[15 May 2009 | Comments Off | 58,451 views]
Choropleth Maps using SAS/Graph

I’m using this post to share materials from the talk “Fast and Easy Maps using SAS Graph” I presented to the members of the Genesee Valley SAS Users Group at their Spring 2009 meeting. This material is also cross-posted in the Presentations section at the Genesee Valley SAS Users Group web site (www.gvsug.org).

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[31 Jan 2009 | Comments Off | 3,679 views]
New York QuickFacts Sketch

I initially put this Processing sketch together as a neat way of exploring county level indicators for New York State. I’m still tweaking the layout and streamlining the code a bit but I soon hope to post an interactive version for people play around with.

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[9 Nov 2004 | Comments Off | 293 views]

I wrote this SAS macro to convert a geometrically coded numeric variable into a series of binary numeric variables. Geometric coding is sometimes used during survey design and data entry as a compact way of storing responses to “choose all that apply” style questions.

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[20 Mar 2004 | Comments Off | 305 views]
Quick Risk Calculator – QuRC v.3

The QuRC is a teaching tool I created to help students rapidly calculate basic risk and contingency measures from the data in a 2×2 table. Users enter (aggregated) data, by selecting the type of analysis desired (risk, agreement, paired, matched, sensitivity/specificity) and then answering a series of six questions.