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[24 Mar 2009 | Comments Off | 6,868 views]
Unofficial Car Talk Staff Widget

I created the Unofficial WP Car Talk Staff widget (and associated WordPress plugin) to show off some of the 500+ names collected in the Car Talk‚Ñ¢ staff listing. You can easily browse through the listing at CarTalk.com but this plugin allows you to have one or more randomly selected names placed on your sidebar or inserted into a post. A pointless but fun addition to any web site.

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[31 Jan 2009 | Comments Off | 3,679 views]
New York QuickFacts Sketch

I initially put this Processing sketch together as a neat way of exploring county level indicators for New York State. I’m still tweaking the layout and streamlining the code a bit but I soon hope to post an interactive version for people play around with.

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[12 Nov 2008 | Comments Off | 1,134 views]
GVSUG Web Site

When I took over as the Genesee Valley SAS Users Group (GVSUG) webmaster I decided to clean the slate by migrating content over from their free Blogger account over to a more flexible WordPress-based solution.

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[2 Nov 2008 | 25 Comments | 1,218 views]

This is a Mac Dashboard widget I whipped up for the members of the Genesee Valley SAS Users Group as part of their revised site design. It’s pretty straightforward and uses a few custom graphics I created to mimic the appearance of a small SAS‚Ñ¢ (Cary, NC) log window.

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[26 Jun 2007 | Comments Off | 333 views]
Homunculus Graphic

As part of my copy-editing and sourcing work on the book “Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards” I created a series of graphics demonstrating the effects of various toxins on the human body.

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[17 Dec 2006 | Comments Off | 354 views]
Left-Write Logo

This logo is part of a series of graphics and templates I developed for Left-Write, a Canadian blog and publishing concern. While I initially felt the style was a little too adamant, the idea must have been a popular one since I recently saw a very similar design used on a book cover at Barnes & Noble.

Left-Write Logo

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[17 Sep 2006 | Comments Off | 468 views]
Kelly Fielding Clark (.com)

This is a new, clean site design I did for my girlfriend Kelly (now my wife). I hadn’t had a chance to do an artist’s site in quite awhile, so this was a fun project for a rainy afternoon.

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[23 May 2006 | Comments Off | 1,352 views]
No Proselytizing Sticker

“Tired of having dinner interrupted by throngs of druids and secular humanists pushing their views on you? Can’t stand to see that crestfallen look on the missionaries’ faces when they find out you’ve already been saved? Then this is the sticker for you!”

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[17 Feb 2006 | Comments Off | 462 views]
Images of Tibet – Photo Exhibition

This is a small selection of photos from the “Images of Tibet” exhibition recently on display (January at the University of Rochester School of Medicine’s Miner Library. As the show’s curator I had the difficult but pleasurable job of pouring over and editing the numerous images generated by the Tsampa team during their time in Tibet.
I have limited the resolution of the attached photos as a concession to the photographers (credited below). Sadly, the displayed size doesn’t do justice to the quality and crispness of the original 4′-wide images.

From the …

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[19 Mar 2005 | One Comment | 1,230 views]
O’Callaghan’s Pub

The following images are a series of web site mock-ups I did for O’Callaghan’s Pub (a Rochester-area bar opened by some friends of mine) built around the idea of a bar room chalkboard. While I don’t normally get involved in commercial projects, the design was so whimsical I wanted to take a shot at implementing it.