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[17 Dec 2008 | 21 Comments | 2,106 views]
AdamRains.com Redevelopment

Hello All,
Sorry for the temporary outage but, as I am taking a brief break for the holidays, I have decided to make some much needed updates to my website. Things will be moving around quite a bit for the next few days but the revised version will include a wide variety of new functions. Please be patient and check back soon.
All the best, Adam

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[29 Jul 2006 | Comments Off | 1,291 views]
In Memoriam – Dr Robert Berg

In fond memory of our good friend and colleague, I’m posting¬†the faked pulp mystery book cover I created several years ago. I initially did this as a quick way to tease the venerable professor about his recently unveiled, and¬†somewhat melodramatic, official department portrait (included after the jump).
I had this vision of him as a sort of Cinema Noir public health detective (a la Sydney Greenstreet). Dr Berg was so tickled by the whole thing I ended up giving him a framed copy and several duplicates for family and friends.