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[22 Aug 2007 | Comments Off | 1,021 views]
Ponca City, Oklahoma

Ponca City, Oklahoma – where my aunt and uncle currently live – was founded during the land runs of the 1890s and developed rapidly with the influx of oil boom money in the decades that followed.

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[28 May 2007 | Comments Off | 19,954 views]
Abuja, Nigeria

These are a few of the photos I took of the Nigerian countryside and the consular capitol, Abuja, during a recent trip.

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[15 May 2007 | Comments Off | 339 views]
Paris, France

Here are a series of photos I took on my first visit to Paris. Since most of the time was spent in meetings, our team had to squeeze what sightseeing we could during off hours. Thankfully, in a city as beautiful as Paris, this was a remarkably simple task.

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[23 Jul 2006 | Comments Off | 471 views]
Lilongwe, Malawi

As part of my work for the non-profit organization IKI Malawi (ikiMalawi.org), I had the opportunity to visit this vibrant and friendly East African nation.

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[13 May 2006 | Comments Off | 401 views]
Carriacou, Grenada

These are some of the photos I took around the island of Carriacou during the second phase of the Grenada Heart Survey. Carriacou – whose name means “Land of Reefs” in Carib – is the largest of Grenada’s two sister islands.

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[17 Feb 2006 | Comments Off | 462 views]
Images of Tibet – Photo Exhibition

This is a small selection of photos from the “Images of Tibet” exhibition recently on display (January at the University of Rochester School of Medicine’s Miner Library. As the show’s curator I had the difficult but pleasurable job of pouring over and editing the numerous images generated by the Tsampa team during their time in Tibet.
I have limited the resolution of the attached photos as a concession to the photographers (credited below). Sadly, the displayed size doesn’t do justice to the quality and crispness of the original 4′-wide images.

From the …

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[27 Dec 2005 | Comments Off | 326 views]
Petite Martinique, Grenada

Here are a few photos I took of Petite Martinique during one of the pilot phases of the Grenada Heart Study. Petite Martinique is the smallest and least populated (~300 people) of the three main islands which constitute the Caribbean nation of Grenada.

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[12 May 2005 | Comments Off | 282 views]
Costa Rica Planning Visit

This is a series of photos taken by myself and Joseph Guido during a recent telemedicine planning trip to Costa Rica. Despite having spent several years working on material, training, and analysis for the LINCOS project (Little Intelligent Communities) this was the first time I got to see an operating Lincos container. It was also a great opportunity to touch base with the Division of Public Health’s former informatics (Infocomm) post-doctoral students.

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[23 Jun 2004 | Comments Off | 323 views]
Wedding in Maui

This series of photos is from the wedding of my childhood friend Matt and his lovely fiance Karen.

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[13 Mar 2003 | Comments Off | 458 views]
Public Health Practice, 2002 in Review Poster

This is a poster I created to photographically summarize the activities of the University of Rochester’s Division of Public Health Practice for 2002. While I was quite pleased with the final product, the loss of the original source files for this project was a tragic first lesson in proper backup planning.