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[20 Oct 2005 | Comments Off | 344 views]
Tsampa Project Poster

This is a poster I designed to summarize initial results from the TSAMPA project (Tibet Supplements and Micronutrients in Pregnancy Assessment) for the CDC Conference on Birth Defects and Disabilities in Beijing, China.

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[30 May 2004 | Comments Off | 406 views]
Smoking Culture at McMurdo Station

This is the abstract for “Smoking Culture at Antarctica‚Äôs McMurdo Station”, a poster I recently presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) annual conference in Dallas, Texas. This research was an outgrowth of the work I did on the ‚ÄúCulture and Health in Antarctica‚Äù project with Tim Dye, Ann Dozier, Nancy Chin, Peter Fleming, and Kathryn Donhauser.

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[22 Sep 2003 | Comments Off | 392 views]
Emergency Contraception: Improving Awareness and Increasing Access

This is a poster I put together to summarize results from the EC-ASAP project (Emergency Contraception – After Sex to Avoid Pregnancy) for the Association of Reproductive Health Practitioners (ARHP) conference in La Hoya, CA.